So, you’re ready to start creating your own dashboards.

You are convinced that this is something that you need for your business and you know how to create the perfect dashboard that will really help to grow your business.

Now you want to get started, but where to start?

There are so many tools out there, what to choose?

BI must-haves

What are BI must-haves?

Data sources: with the right BI tool you should be able to connect with different data sources and file types.

Webbased user interface: No need to install a program on your desktop, it can be accessed from everywhere.

Security: The tool should have a user role-based security, with several roles for creating, modifying, viewing.

Sharing: Should be possible to share the dashboard (or parts of it) via e-mail or report downloads.

Preferred tool

At, we use Klipfolio quite a lot. This tool matches with above BI must-haves and it’s a very flexible and user-friendly tool. The dashboards can be customized very easily, so we are able to create a unique dashboard for every customer. It’s a great product with a good support.

Get started

Now get started yourself or let us help you to set up a great dashboard.

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