This is what we do.

Online dashboard services

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Become more data driven and start gaining more business insights with online dashboards.

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Online dashboards

We connect your data sources and make sure your dashboard is realtime. All the data you want to see, is summarized in the dashboard.

Connect data sources

Connect data from different sources, to gain rich information.

Additional (Google) services

Google Analytics set-up

We will make sure website tracking is activated or we can help reviewing your Analytics code. We make sure irrelevant traffic is kept out of the data.

Track events with Google Tag Manager

With event tracking you can track every user interaction on your website. For example button or image clicks, form submissions, opened files, video plays, etc.

E-commerce tracking

E-commerce is not standard tracked in Google Analytics, it needs to be configured. You will be able to see purchase data, products, revenue, conversion rates, etc.

Google Search Console data

If you connect to Google Search console, you will be able to see all your keyword data, generated via Google.